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I was born in Istanbul and I live there. My curiosity began with games when I was 6 years old. As I spent time playing games, I suddenly got a wish to make my own game, and I started to make simple games with scartch by watching videos at the age of 9. I looked at my childhood mind of course I was forced to withdraw immediately :)

later, for the game servers made web sites on my own server's site I wanted to use too, but I could not get because the fees are expensive. When I was 12 years old, I started to buy books about web design and development and watch videos and encode sample projects with the advice of my IT teacher in secondary school. I can't say I'm too hard, but I'm still saying, "Should I give up?" I was asking myself questions. I looked good and I was able to do what I wanted and I kept learning new things.

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Always trying for the better, I make my customers happy.

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I can realize your dreams, achieve success.

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I'm not good, but I'm also offering free seo optimization.

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"Mustafa Kemal Atatürk"